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Data Carts

Powerful data carts that are customizable for any workflow.

On-Set Lab / Data Carts

Our carts carry the latest technology in a mobile package, allowing productions to reduce costs and gain faster feedback.  These carts have the flexibility to handle any camera system and any post production workflow.  Custom software and well-tuned computer hardware allows us to create backups and generate dailies within minutes of shooting.  The technology in our carts is just the beginning. All Freehill carts are operated by skilled, experienced IATSE Local 600 Digital Imaging Technicians. We are highly trained professionals specializing in developing innovative data workflows for digital cinema cameras. We've spent thousands of hours on set developing our custom solutions.


With the latest technology for processing footage, Freehill carts are second-to-none in speed and reliability. We take pride in consistently upgrading our computers and hardware. These powerful systems give us the ability to provide multiple deliverables, and handle the most demanding productions.




Freehill data carts are designed to be customizable to any camera system and any workflow. Computers and equipment are rack-mounted, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of equipment. Two high resolution monitors give the operator the space needed to work with a higher degree of efficency. Space for two monitors also allows for several different configurations, as the second monitor can be used to view 3D or color graded images.