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Convienient, fast, and secure. Dailies in 3D, ready for editorial, and on iPads.

On-Set Lab Dailies Processing

Our On-set Labs carry the latest technology to set, allowing us to process out dailies quickly and ensure the safety of the footage through multiple backups.

Editorial / VFX

We work as a central hub on set to provide what is usually a missing link between Camera, VFX, and Editorial. When footage is processed out and ready for editorial, the editors can get to work right away. Our workflows eliminate the need for costly off-site services and leave you with options on the post solution.

iPad Dailies

The most convienent way to watch dailies. Walk away from set every day with the day's footage on a secure, easy-to-use iPad. Dailies have never been so fast, secure or convienent. iPad dailies can be immediately erased if lost or stolen.

3D Dailies

Freehill has been at the forefront of some of the largest 3D films to date and has broken new ground for 3D workflows using digital cinema cameras. Stereoscopic productions have an even greater need for prompt feedback. With 3D quality control checks and 3D dailies generated on-set, production has the feedback they need to avoid costly technical issues.